Concrete Calculators

DISCLAIMER: These calculators should be used as an estimating tool ONLY. The Wells Group, LLC is not responsible for any discrepancies in material based on calculations made with these applications.

Volume Calculator

Calculate the required volume of concrete for a slab or wall with the known measurements of width, length and thickness.

Volume of concrete Slab = w × l × t


  • w – Width
  •  l – Length
  • t – Thickness

Block Wall Calculator

Estimate the number of cubic yards of concrete required to fill a block wall for 8 and 12 inch sizes.

For size = 8inch

  • Cubic Yards to be filled = (L * W * 0.32 / 27);

For size = 12inch

  • Cubic Yards to be filled = (L * W * 0.51 / 27);

Volume of Footer

Calculate the required amount of concrete to fill the footing with the given width, length and thickness. If there is no inside length length or width, enter 0 for both.

Volume of concrete Footer = [ (ow × ol) − (iw × il) ] × t


  • ol – Outside Length
  • ow – Outside Width
  • il – Inside Length
  • iw – Inside Width
  • t – Thickness

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